samedi 25 avril 2009

jeudi 23 avril 2009

Day 20 - Cat being on the edge of the windows

Nice weather today and I'm enjoying it on the edge of the windows

mercredi 22 avril 2009

Hurrahhh, I've got my first follower !

Thank you a lot dear Guzman ;)

Day 19 - Cat receptionning tennis ball

vendredi 17 avril 2009

Day 14 - Attacking leg

My master is trying to evade from me and I should retain me.
I will use all means available to retain him !

mercredi 15 avril 2009

mardi 14 avril 2009

Day 11 - Cat playing with balls

Ohhh, there's some balls on the floors.
Shouldn't I play with them ? Oh yeahhhh !

vendredi 10 avril 2009

Day 8 - Sleepy cat trying to play

Hummm I'm trying to sleep, and a string is coming to disturb me.
Let me alone !

mercredi 8 avril 2009

Day 6 - Being pet

So sweet to be pet

mardi 7 avril 2009

Day 5 - Attacking the camera

Ahahaha, today I'm not nide, I decided to run wild in the appartement. Then I decided to attack the camera who dare to follow me in my wildness

lundi 6 avril 2009

Day 4 - Playing with some pieces of paper

Ahahahah, there's a lot of pieces of paper on the floor and I'm engaged in a battle against them !!!

Day3 - Cleaning/Playing

Cleaning and playing at the same time, under the warmth of the sun

samedi 4 avril 2009

Day 2 - Cat jumping

Jumping all around the house

Day 1 - Playing with my servant

Hi everybody, this is the first video of the 365 you will get this year. On this one you see me playing with my master.

mercredi 1 avril 2009

Appartement is so boring

Hummm, Still nobody at home and I don't know what to do.
So I go from the couch to the aquarium to see if it's better ... Finally it isn't so I go back to the couch.
Still waiting for my 2 servants to come home, so that I can play/attack them

mardi 31 mars 2009

lundi 30 mars 2009

mardi 24 mars 2009

What to do when I will be millionaire ?

Or maybe simply conquer the world !!!
Meow Meow Meow

lundi 23 mars 2009

Top 7 things to do as a millionaire Cat

A soon as I will be millionaire, I will use very wisely this money as you can imagine. Below I list the top 7 things I will do with it.

1. Move near a forest

First I will quit the crappy appartement where I live with my two servant, and move in a house in the middle of the woods. Yeah trees are my friends, they want me to hug them, and as I'm a very nice cat I will do that all day long

2. Buy tuna

Ahhh, tuna my dream, I only tasted it one time and I will always remember this flavor. Each time a can of tuna is open I scream in all the appartement hoping to taste it again. So as soon as I had enough money I buy fresh tuna and I will only eat that for the rest of my life!

3. Have a warm surface all the year

For the moment I sleep often on the aquarium, where there is living food in it. But there is two plant pots on it and so I don't have a lot of place on it.So when we move, I will install an radiant funderfloor heating that will be set at quite comfortable temperature of 25°C

4. Having a pal

Yeah for the moment I'm single, but I would like to have a pal to hang out Preferably smaller than me so that I could make it my slave

5. Keep servants at home all day long

For the moments I had two servant who take care of me. Alas, they are often not at home during the day and they come back only at night and they are tired. So we the money I could keep them at home and I could play with them whenever I want

6. Catnip plantations

Catnip, this sweet sweet plant, who permit to go high. As I had crappy gardeners at home for the moment, I will hire one who will be able to keep catnip alive more thant a week.

7. That's already a lot things to do

samedi 21 mars 2009

My childhood

Hello everybody, on the left you can see me when I was still a cute little kitty.
I don't remember so much my parents, my dad left as soon as my mum was pregnant, and I was obligated to left my mum 2 months after my birth. Yes indeed 2 strange people have taken me to their very small appartment where they left me during the day. So to avenge from this I decided to annoyed them all along the night. And I think I was pretty successful, as it was very hard for them to sleep !!!

But after two months, they send me in vacation at the campaign. It was there that I met my small brother has you can see on this picture. I was very nice to him, as I allowed him to sleep next to me. But you will know more about this time in the next post ;)

mercredi 18 mars 2009


Welcome on my blog

Follow me in my crazy quest to be the first self-made cat. I'm a cat living in a tiny appartement in town, and I want to escape from it and live in a big house with woods around.
So help me promote my website: or

mardi 17 mars 2009

Promoting material

If you want to help me, to attain my goal, below you will find material to use on your own website, or on forum ...